Case studies

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Many companies believe that the respect for human rights is of strategic importance to their operations (in terms of, for example, competitive advantage, market positioning, greater productivity and avoiding reputational risks, cf.: Benefits of CSR). Nowadays, increasing numbers of business enterprises are fulfilling their human rights responsibilities in a conscious way.

Below figure references to private sector activities. The Federal administration shows case studies and makes no claim to be complete. Although every care has been taken by the Federal Authorities to ensure the accuracy of the information published, no warranty can be given in respect of the accuracy, reliability, up-to-dateness or completeness of this information.

Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

In order to encourage corporate commitment, the Swiss Confederation supports the “Corporate Human Rights Benchmark" (CHRB). The CHRB produces in-depth assessments and rankings on how companies in the agriculture, apparel and extractive sector are fulfilling their human rights responsibilities. The ranking provides an overview of the performance of 100 publicly traded companies on key themes including governance, human rights due diligence, grievance mechanisms and transparency.
CHRB’s work is carried out in complete independence.

More information: Corporate Human Rights Benchmark