Introduction to human rights due diligence

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This introductory webinar on human rights due diligence (HRDD) is aimed at all companies interested in the current developments related to business and human rights and that want to know how to get started with human rights due diligence. 

Webinar series on child labour due diligence

This webinar series explains how to implement a solid child labour due diligence in companies' operations and value chains, in compliance with the Swiss legislation, entered into force on the 1st of January 2022. 

Part 1: Understanding child labour risks and impacts in companies value chains

Part 2: Develop a policy commitment & identify child labour risks and impacts

Part 3: Take action to cease, prevent or mitigate child labour risks and impacts

Part 4: Establish effective grievance mechanisms, remediate impacts and communicate

Responsible business in conflict-affected or high-risk areas: What companies need to know and act upon

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Companies doing business in conflict-affected areas face a higher risk to cause, contribute or be linked to adverse human rights impacts. How can companies ensure they respect human rights and comply with international humanitarian law when doing business in conflict-affected or high-risk areas? This webinar gives an overview of what companies need to know about conducting heightened human rights due diligence (HHRDD) and operating in a conflict-sensitive manner.

Certifications, social audits and supplier management tools: What is their role in human rights due diligence?

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Social audits, certifications or supplier management tools are increasingly used by companies as part of their corporate responsibility strategies. These sustainability schemes share a common objective: providing tools and support for companies in the identification and management of social or environmental issues in the value chain. However, applying such schemes does not replace the implementation of a thorough human rights due diligence. This webinar discusses the contributions and limitations of voluntary sustainability schemes in companies' human rights due diligence. 

Human rights due diligence for federal government-associated businesses - what is it and how to start ? (in German)

Thumbnail_webinaire_Menschenrechtliche Sorgfaltsprüfung für bundesnaher Unternehmen