Brochure for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Making success sustainable through responsible business conduct: due diligence procedures for Swiss SMEs in the field of human rights


What benefits can a company derive if it respects human rights? How can it ensure that it conducts business responsibly? SECO and the FDFA are publishing a brochure for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on their human rights responsibilities.

This brochure gives Swiss SMEs a practical overview of the opportunities and challenges of responsible business conduct. It provides international and national guidelines on this subject. It also provides tips for integrating human rights into corporate governance. The brochure provides an overview of the steps required to implement human rights due diligence. It is specifically aimed at SMEs and provides useful and specific information for human rights risk assessment.

As part of the implementation of the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights, SECO and FDFA wish to promote existing good practices of Swiss companies. They support companies, and more particularly SMEs, in their efforts.

This brochure is available in French, German, Italian, English and Spanish.