The goal of SCORE (Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises) is to improve productivity and working conditions in small and medium supplier companies based in developing and emerging countries. Many Swiss companies use global value chains and may have business relationships with the companies mentioned above.Developed jointly by SECO and the ILO, the SCORE programme offers training and advises businesses on workplace cooperation, quality management, occupational health and safety, human resource management and clean production. Training is currently being provided in Bolivia, China, Colombia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Vietnam for SMEs active in textile, automotive, tourism, agricultural and many other industries. SCORE services contribute to improving working conditions and increasing productivity. This in turn helps secure long-term contracts with companies in industrialised countries and provides decent job opportunities in developing countries.

How can a Swiss company help its suppliers obtain SCORE training?

There are many ways a Swiss company can bring SCORE training to its suppliers:

• Become a partner of the SCORE programme
• Participate in the SCORE programme through a business federation
• Work directly with a certified SCORE trainer

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